Happy Anniversary to Us

Carlson Structural Engineering is proud to announce our first anniversary! Our first year has been an exciting and busy time with amazing results

Full Time Positions Available

Carlson Structural Engineering, Inc. has immediate openings for all levels of experience in our Columbia, Maryland Office for investigating, designing, bidding, and performing construction phase services to remediate a wide variety of structural deficiencies.

Why Do Structural Engineers Over Design Things?

“Structural engineers always over design things.” I have heard this phrase so many times in my career, primarily from contractors and sometimes clients.  Usually, it is when they are looking at a large beam or a thick piece of steel. Structural engineers often get then reputation that they are too conservative and over design everything.

What is a Transition Study, AKA Deficiency Report, Warranty Analysis, Warranty Inspection?

When a condominium is developed, it is initially owned by the Developer, but at some point, the units are sold, and the number of units owned by the Developer is fewer than those owned by individuals. So, the facility is transitioned from Developer control to Condominium Association control. This process can take months or even…


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